School IPM Resources

In this section you will find materials and resources that we have developed for you to use in education and promotion of IPM adoption. There is an IPM manual with information on how to implement an IPM program, and several brochures with specific information on the roles and responsibilities of the school community in an IPM program.

Integrated Pest Management for North Carolina Schools

NC School IPM Blog

IPM for North Carolina Schools and Child Care Facilities Manual (PDF) - Complete Manual Updated 2012

Bed Bug Protocol for North Carolina Schools (PDF)

NEW! -- An Ounce of Prevention! (Integrated Pest Management for Schools and Child Care Facilities)

Fact Sheets:


Contracts, Policies, Forms and Inspection Checklists

ABCs of IPM Implemention (PDF)

Indoor IPM Guidelines - Revised (PDF)

IPM Implemention Memo, October 6, 2006 (PDF)

Notification Guidelines (PDF)

School IPM Program Assessment (PDF) (DOC)

Presentations -- coming soon

Videos and DVDs