About Us

The goal of the North Carolina Schools IPM program is to promote the use of Integrated Pest Management (IPM) programs in North Carolina schools. IPM provides effective means of controlling pests while reducing the exposure of school children and school occupants to pesticides.

Program efforts are led by NC State University:

NC School IPM Advisory Committee:
A school IPM advisory committee was formed in 1998 to work out the modalities for achieving the stated goal.  Members of the committee represent various groups from government agencies, the pest control industry and non-profit organizations:

IPM implementation Approach:
We are following three avenues to promote IPM in North Carolina schools:

  1. Developing partnerships with parties interested in implementing IPM in schools;
  2. Training pest management professionals (PMPs) and school maintenance personnel in IPM techniques;
  3. Providing information and recommendations on how to implement IPM to Pest Management Professionals, School Administrators and other occupants, etc.

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