The NCSU School IPM Program

Godfrey Nalyanya and Mike Linker at School IPM meeting
Dr. Godfrey Nalyanya (left) and Dr. Mike Linker (right) at the 2005 NCSU School IPM Awards

NCSU’s School IPM program began in 2001 through the efforts of Dr. Mike Linker and Dr. Godfrey Nalyanya with support from the Center for Integrated Pest Management, the NCDA&CS, and USEPA. Their goal was to encourage public schools to shift their pest control programs from routine scheduled pesticide applications to an integrated approach that placed greater emphasis on monitoring, inspection and a blend of non-chemical and reduced-risk chemical control methods.  They were able to show that such programs successfully control pests while also protecting students and staff from unnecessary exposure to pesticides.  This effort helped promote the introduction and passage of the North Carolina Schoolchildren’s Health Act (G.S. 115: 47).

Dr. Nalyanya left NCSU in 2010 for a position as Technical Services manager with Rentokil/Ehrlich Pest Control Company in Baltimore Maryland.  Patty Alder is now the Director of NCSU’s Structural Pest Management Training & Research Facility and continues the program’s effort to educate schools about IPM.